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About Us

When an organization matures, we help them to be successful.

Throughout the years we have seen organizations struggle with growth, compliance and the related organizational changes. When organizations mature they often can't let go of the past which brought them where they are now. The same assets which made the organization successful now seems to obstruct the abillity to move forward and realize the ambitions.

To make this journey successful we focus on three areas; GRC (Governance, Risk & Compliance) to strengthen and structure the organizational fundaments, IT to facilitate the activities and support the process of change, and People because they are the most important asset of an organization.

-- Junus Manuputtij, Founder

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Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC)

Business analysis and advisory for integration of GRC initiatives like Internal Control, Risk Management, Internal Audit, Compliance, Business Continuity, Loss Management, IT security, etc.

Software Implementation & Delivery

Driving IT projects by managing the business case, stakeholders, requirements, organization change, vendors, budget, quality, project team and setup the support organization.

Collaboration & Performance

Enable teams to be more successful in collaboration by creating structure, manage expectations, facilitate growth of personal competences while focussing on communication.


Portfolio 1

Driving various software implementation projects, translation of business requirements to user stories, functional design, structured testing and embedding the support organization.

Portfolio 1

Leading business analysis, advisory and software implementation of the Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) solution for the largest LNG producer in the world.

Portfolio 1

Analysis and implementation of the internal control and audit follow up process for one of the biggest beer brewing companies in the world.

Portfolio 1

Deliver various projects for the Dutch government varying from facilitating collaboration and integration between departments, software implementations to public services development.

Portfolio 1

Supporting one of the worlds biggest banks (+7 million customers, 23k employees) to be AMA compliant by translating the business requirements to workable software solutions.

Portfolio 1

Giving control to the board, business and operational organization by facilitating Business Intelligence, Data Analytics and Continuous Monitoring solutions.

Portfolio 1

Facilitating a very quick Internal Control implementation via a best practise methodology and software solution for a local insurance company (+2 million customers).

Portfolio 1

Interim Management translating vision and ambition to concrete roadmap and competences while empowering people and setting up metrics to track progress and facilitate growing insights.


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